Thanksgiving Decor

In my family, Thanksgiving dinner is rotated yearly between homes of the older generations. The meal is always a potluck, with each family bringing their traditional sides. I recently got the duty of salad, as my grandmother decided she was not longer up for the task. I was happy to take over the responsibility, especially given that she put some weird things in her salad like eggs and olives. Maybe I just like the traditional lettuce and carrots dish.

The weird thing about my family is nobody is really in to dessert. Pumpkin pie, apple pie a la mode, sweet potatoes…these are all dishes that just seem to go untouched – or not even offered!

For this reason, I like to plan a post-dinner get-together with close friends who stay in the area for the holiday. We hang out in our sweat pants or PJs, make some hard cider and eat pie! It is a great way to finish up the holiday, plan for Black Friday and get a good start to the long weekend.

I place simple decorations on the dessert table. Nothing expensive or extravagant…just some basics to make my home a little festive! The wrapped pumpkins above are extremely simple but add a great touch of fall. I love the use of white pumpkins, but if you can’t find them in your area, orange with also look great! You can even spray paint your pumpkin to better match your home or table decor!



Filling a clear vase with fall foods or trinkets is a great idea. Fresh cranberries are a great buy this time of the year, and look great as shown above in a topiary form and a candle holder. Other items to consider are pine cones, fall leaves or even candy that your guests can help themselves to!

Lastly, don’t forget that food itself is a stunning way to decorate your table! Using cookie cutters, or just a sharp knife, add a big statement with little leaves and such to your pie crusts. Your guests are sure to be impressed by your creative skills.

I hope you all have an amazing holiday filled with family, friends and lots of great food!

Rustic Wood for the Home.

What do you think of the rustic wood look in your home?

I am not usually a fan of extreme country style decor, I do enjoy the beauty of nature. The natural colors in wood is one of my favorite things about hiking and photography – to be able to see and touch the bark of a peeling tree, or to see the natural burns of a forest fire, or just aging from the sun or seasons is just amazing.

Bringing nature into the home does not have to look country. In fact, if mixed well with very streamlines, contemporary furniture and decor, it can be extremely stylish!


Found at: shopcandelabra

Pieces of aged wood and old painted wood come together nicely to create this folding screen. I think something like this would be very easy to recreate. When mixed with some simple, leather style furniture, I think it would look awesome! If you make it yourself, I think some extremely decorative hinges would look great. Also, consider making the framed pieces out of fresh, clean and nicely stained wood with a semi-gloss to make a mixture of old and new! I think that idea would look great with this screen.



Found at: potterybarn

The simple, colorful design of this wall art is a great look that could match with most any home – country, modern and more! Consider making this yourself with your favorite colors that match your home. With holidays on my mind, I think this would make for some very chic holiday decor over an entry table or mantle. Use oranges and blacks for a Halloween display, brown, reds and oranges for the fall or even golds and silvers and whites for Christmas! If you want something that looks more finished, how about picking up some decorative trim board at a hardware store to create a nice frame around it? Or just take your completed wood design over to Aaron Brothers or Michaels for a professional frame job!

Prepping for the Holidays on a Budget – Handmade Soap!

Given that it is now October (okay, ALMOST), I thought it would be fun to start a series of posts about projects you can MAKE to save you lots of cash this holiday season.

Making gifts is a very old tradition, one that takes time, effort and thought. Yes, it can also save you tons of money, but I also enjoy the fact that it can be very personal for your friends, family and even your co-workers! My extended family always gives gift cards for holiday gifts. While I do enjoy being able to use those gift cards (usually for craft stores and home stores) to purchase things that I truly want or need – or even to buy the supplies I need to make gifts for them – there is just no thought involved! I love a great, thoughtful and meaningful gift!

To start this homemade series of posts in preparation for the holidays, I wanted to share some home made soap ideas. Many people think that making your own soap is a pain that involves chemicals and all sorts of hassle, but using the melt-and-pour method is simple and fun! The melting blocks of soap can be purchased at Michaels, or other craft stores – save a ton by waiting for a 50% off coupon!

Here are a few really great ideas that could make for a nice holiday gift.

Adding a loofah is a great exfoliating soap! Loofahs do not have to be pricey- I have seen them at dollar stores. This is a very expensive looking, pretty bar of soap! People will be shocked that you made it yourself!



Photo Source:

How in the world can you make honey comb soap by hand?! This beautifully crafted soap is – NO JOKE – made with bubble wrap! What a great technique for a really amazing bar of soap.



Photo Source:

Soap can be crafted into different shapes – like these fall leaves shown above. I love this stained glass look!


Keep in mind there are so many ways to personalize soap. Use ingredients that your friends or family love, like coffee or lavender. Make the soap into funny shapes, like office staplers or rubber duckies using homemade or store bought molds. Even add small trinkets into the bars, like tiny action figures or flowers. This is a great opportunity to keep an inside joke going, or to show a person that you are really thinking about them!

Check back soon for more ideas on Prepping for the Holidays on a Budget!

How to Grow Succulents

Okay, I admit it.

I do not have a green thumb.

But not for lack of trying.

After my last post, where I showed you that awesome succulent table, I thought it would be fun to make one of my own for my patio. But when I walked outside, I realized that most of my plants are dead. And most of my plants are succulents! Why? Because I was told that succulents are by far the EASIEST of all plants to grow!! Clearly, I am not cut out for gardening.

So I did a little research and found that while succulents need sunlight to grow, sunlight does NOT mean direct sun. It means, hey I need some light to grow please. Placing your succulents under a bush and allowing for sunlight to seep in a bit will apparently be the best. Also, light watering does not mean NO watering. Hmm. Weird, right? A good watering during the summer months is best, allow soil to dry completely, then water well again. During the winter, or high humidity, water lightly once every other month or so. This is all information I read off of a million different sites as I tried to figure out just how and why all my plants are dead.

Visit for more information, as it was one of my favorite sites – very easy to ready for beginners (plant killers!) like me.

I also came across this super cute planter box from an Etsy shop called RootedInSucculents.

You can purchase a hand made initial planter box, then paint it and plant yourself. What a great gift idea! I wonder if you could attach a hangar, then use it as more of a wreath or or next to your front door?

I might have to see if I can bring my plants back to life before attempting to grow new ones ;)

DIY Succulent Table for the Garden

I just came across a great tutorial for making a table with a little succulent garden in the middle!


Image Source:



This was made from one of those large shipping crate containers, but I am sure that it would be just as easy to make out of an old pallet (as those are so much easier to come by!). I love succulents and think this would be really cute with some of those little glass pieces in addition to the pebbles. You know, the ones you use in vases and mosaics?

I am also imagining this idea spray painted bright pink and adding in a bunch of fake flowers to use when a little girl plays house! It would make for a great birthday gift for a little girl – give it to her with a play food set and a watering can!

Be sure to visit here for the tutorial to this great little table idea.

Decorating the Home with Antlers

What do you think of the new, fashionable look of antlers?

I, for one, have never been a fan of hanging deer or bear heads on the wall. I get that the person shot it and they are proud of themselves for such a great “win”, but honestly, I don’t care to see its face on the wall! It is so creepy! But when it comes time to decorate our homes, I am a firm believer that natural always looks best. For that reason, I love the look of antlers…all of the nature, none of the face!

Here are some great antler ideas to get you thinking:

Uttermost Rustic Faux Stag Horn Round Wall Mirror.


Antler Printed Pillow.

Antler Jewelry Dish. This is my favorite of all!


And, finally, for those of you who like the antler look but not quite a fan of adding it to your home decor, check out this Deer Antler Ring! It is a great look that is sure to compliment any outfit, from the rugged look to your little black dress! I just love this ring!


Uttermost Rustic Faux Stag Horn Round Wall Mirror


Red, White and Blue Wreaths

So many people decorate for the 4th of July, but that is just one of several days in the year that we should be more than happy to celebrate our country.

Labor Day is a celebration not just the working citizens of our country, but also a festive way to celebrate the unofficial last day of summer. And what better way to decorate than by creating red, white and blue decor for your home or your backyard BBQ?

So in preparation of the upcoming Labor Day, I wanted to share a few wreath ideas to help you create that festive environment for your friends and family!


A festive use of felt. I absolutely love the little burlap flowers and wooden stars to create a country feel to the wreath! This would be a great keeper for any holiday needing a little red, white and blue!


Anything with a banner is adorable, and this wreath is no different. I love this very simple design that would add a great little pop of color to a door, a patio or even a front entry area.


I am a sucker to wreaths with my address on them. I love this tutorial because she shows you how to make this wreath in plain form for every day use and how to dress it up for holidays.


Do you love wreaths as much as I do? I love the fall season – it feels like every few days there is a new holiday needing a wreath! I can’t wait to share a ton more wreath ideas with you as we head into the holiday season.


Jewelry Storage

When is comes to jewelry organization, I am not really the best.

Necklaces get thrown about and end up in knots, earrings get mismatched or go missing and bracelets end up in random drawers about the house. I guess I just take it off whenever I feel the need, whether it be in the shower, the kitchen or the garage. The truth is, I have never really had a simple solution or place to call “home” for my jewelry, so it just scatters all over.

In an attempt to change this unorganized mess of jewels, I wanted to share with you some options I have found that I think will work for my tossing around the house methods.






If you have any fabulous ideas of your own, or a technique/storage system that works well for you I would love to hear!

Stylish Cutting Boards

If you are looking for a cutting board for your home or as a great gift, I wanted to share a few great options with you!

Cutting boards are great gifts because they come in so many options that allow you to personalize them. Size, shape, color and even monograms are all options to consider when purchasing as a gift. They are perfect for newly weds, college grads (or students heading off to their first semester!), those who enjoy cooking, cheese or wine and even bachelors! If the cutting board itself is not a big enough gift for the occasion, they are also a great addition to gift baskets. Personalize the basket based on the occasion – add in some wine and cheese, kitchen towels, fresh fruits and vegetables, knifes and other kitchen utensils or even some salami and beer.

Check out this fun design from Layla Grayce. There are multiple color choices to further personalize – and while you are on the site, check out all the other personalized items available! Coasters, clipboards, cell phone cases and mouse pads are just a few options.

For the geek or perfectionist in your life, this OCD Chef Cutting Board is a really great gift. Personally, I would laugh if someone gave it to me… then secretly run off and make use of it right away! I would love to have it and wonder why I have not seen a cutting board with slicing lines and measurements on it before. It just makes sense.

I am not a hard core sports fan myself, but I know many who are. This awesome swivel-open cutting board doubles as a container for these great cutting tools. Perfect for picnics, traveling, camping or even daily kitchen use this cutting board is one that sports fans would love to add to their collection.

Guitar lover? Rock n roll fan? This cutting board is not only practical in the kitchen, but one that is also worthy of hanging on the wall when it is not in use. I’m thinking if nobody is around, air guitar just got a million times better, making dish washing that much more fun!

Throw Pillows

Pillows are expensive.

I just don’t know how anyone can justify spending so much money on a simple little thing. Not to mention that a couch looks pretty ridiculous with just one… you really do have to have at least three toss pillows to make a couch look inviting, right? I love stores like World Market, Anthropologie and Pier 1 Imports but all I ever truly do there is window shop. Window shop with my mind spinning on different ways I can attempt to make all the beautiful items they sell.

I just love throw pillows. Switch them up for each season, or when you just get bored of a certain look or color or because you made something new. There is always a reason to switch up the pillows in my house!

Here are two tutorials that I recently found and am dying to try myself. I love the summer feel to these and can not wait to add them to my home made collection!

This is a stunning coral pillow inspired by one found at Pottery Barn. Visit image source link for a great and detailed tutorial.

A fun flower pillow inspired by a pillow found at Target, would look Great with my outside patio set! Follow the image source link for the tutorial!

Stunning in Black

Ok, normally I am a pretty simple girl.

But I saw this chandelier today and just had to share it. I never thought I would go for something so out- of- the- ordinary, but here it is: a black chandelier!



For more information on this piece and how to decorate with black chandeliers, visit Home-and-Garden blog.

A Relaxing Space

One thing I have always dreamed of having is a garden space that allows for a little R & R. You know, not just grass, but a beautiful shade tree with  a comfortable chair underneath. A place that allows me to enjoy a nice and cold margarita on a hot summer day while I curl up with a good book.

I absolutely love the image above, from Patio Design Depot. The beautiful plants and falls with coy remind me that owning a home shouldn’t be stress with chores and bills ALL the time – it should be our own little slice of paradise! A place to get away from the rest of the world and all of its drama.

So I challenge each and every one of you to sit in your yard tonight, no matter how big or small, and close your eyes and picture yourself someplace that relaxes you. Focus on what you see. Is it streams and waterfalls? Palm trees and Pina Coladas? Or maybe a hammock in the shade? Now that you have your image, open your eyes and try to image that image in your own yard. Sure, maybe your yard is on the smaller side and your waterfall will never be the 50 foot beauty you envisioned. But you can build a little pebble walkway to a small fountain. Or, maybe a small plug-in fountain? Or maybe you live in a strict apartment complex that has nothing more than a fence dividing the next renter… but don’t give up! You can still hang a beautiful print on the fence of the place you saw!

small park

Image: Oregon Packaged Travel

Keep in mind that a relaxing space should not be about what you Do Not have the room or budget for, but more about working to get what you Can Have. Case in point, above is the worlds smallest park, Mills Ends Park in Oregon. Supposedly this little space is only 102 inches. If this is a park, then Anyone can make a beautiful yard by just using what is available to them!


Faux Mantel









I am not a fan of my brick fireplace and mantel.

Not only is it brick, but the previous owners painted over it. In my opinion, the only thing in life that is worse than brick is Painted brick! And it is not a short one either. It goes floor to ceiling in a room with very tall ceilings!

I can only assume that tearing down and rebuilding would cost a miniature fortune that I do not have. So, I am on a mission to figure out just how to go about fixing this disaster without a lot of expense or extreme effort on my behalf.

I think I solved all of my problems in a blog called The Lettered Cottage. I won’t give away their secrets, only direct you to their site to learn how they took an ugly fireplace and made it into what you see in the above photo. Wow is all I can say.


If you are not a huge fan of the do it yourself idea, then you may want to consider another route. I found the term you will want to search for is Fireplace Surrounds or Mantel Surrounds. This will give you more ideas and even companies that will sell you pre-made pieces to create your dream fireplace. One that I truly love is this wood Cambridge shown above from Mantels Direct.

Whatever you choose, just be happy with your choice. If brick isn’t your thing, make the effort to change it! The fireplace is the focal point in a room and home should always make you happy!

Crown Molding

Funny thing about crown molding. I always thought a majority of people misspelled it as I assumed it was spelled Moulding. I never imagined people would want to go out of their way to put something “Mold”-ing in their home! Haha. But when I searched the internet dictionaries specifically for this post, the term Crown Moulding did not exist. Hmm. This new spelling may take me a while to get used to!

Now that we have the proper spelling handled, lets talk about this ceiling trim and some ideas when using it it the home.


Image Source:

When choosing a molding, the first thing I suggest is to stand back at look at your home as an outsider. You need to envision NOT what your dream home could be or how you always dreamed it would be as a child, but how others see your home. Sure, I love a delicate scroll pattern on a thick molding. It seems extra classy and adds an antique, beautiful look to homes or magazine designs that I have seen it in. But if your actual home, inside and out, does not look like a mansion in the movies or have all that antique style wood floor and spiral staircases and high ceilings, chances are the idea you have of delicate, flowery big crown molding will look extremely goofy in your home!

But do not give up on the idea! Stand back and look at your ceilings. Are they low or high? How about the size of your rooms? Are they small or large? How about the outside of your home? Does it look like something from Colonial Williamsburg or something a super modern architect designed? How about your style of decor? Is it plain or detailed? And what about the layout of your home? Are there places that will allow you to start and stop the crown molding or is your home more continuous, with no real stopping points, therefore requiring more crown molding (and expense) than you anticipated?

Answering the above questions will help you in your decision when figuring a budget and a style for your choice. If you come to the conclusion that a simpler molding may work better for you – do not be upset that you aren’t getting your dream of elegance. Remember that Any molding – whether it be detailed or plain, thick or thin – instantly adds value and style to your home! It will be elegant no matter what! And all that detailed carving?


Try it in smaller versions, like this beautifully carved picture frame from Cost Plus World Market.


Area Rug to Match My Living Room

If you remember the post I did about a week ago on curtains, you may recall those beautiful Anthropologie Wandering Pleats Curtains I talked about. Well, in my search for area rugs and a style that goes with my home, decor and those gorgeous curtains, I came across this insanely perfect area rug that I will be ordering ASAP!

The rug, 100 Knot Tibetan Jardin, by Tibet Rug Company is sold at Rug Studio.

area rug

Doesn’t it match those curtains so perfectly? I am so excited!



Decorating with Rugs



Area rugs are one of the most versatile pieces that can be used to adorn your interior living space. They provide sophistication, comfort and generally can set the mood of the room by providing a stark contrast to an otherwise sterile space. Placing rugs in your living space produce more than just a simple design aesthetic. They can keep your feet warm and cozy during cold weather; they also have a knack of creating an illusion of a bigger room and can significantly minimize noise.

When choosing rugs to decorate your home, the first thing that you need to do is determine the size and shape of the rug. Determine how much floor space you would want the rug to cover and then choose accordingly. Select a color that would reflect the personality of the room. If your room is in monochromatic white, you may want to choose a rug that is gray or black in color in order to provide contrast. Or, you can choose a vibrant red in order to highlight it as a centerpiece and give the room that extra added effect. Don’t be afraid to go bold if that is your thing!

Rugs can also come with intricate designs. Persian rugs are considered one of the most expensive and come with different textural designs and patterns. When choosing a rug for your living space it is recommended that you choose a color palette that can match the walls of the room.

If you have a patterned rug, you may want to elicit inspiration from it when you choose a color for the entire room. This will give the space a sort of harmonious feel where there is unity instead of clash of colors.

When deciding where to place the rug, it is advisable that you place it in an area of the room where everyone in the household can savor its features. Classic example would be using an oriental rug adorned with a beautiful pattern in the middle of your den or living area.

Choose More than One!

When choosing rugs for the interior décor of your home, it is advisable that you use at least more than one rug. For example, if you want to create an intimate reading space for your living room, all you need to do is select an appropriate sized rug and place it in a quiet corner along with a few pillows, a chair as well as a nice reading lamp. For bigger areas of the room you can place a large enough rug where people can sit down and enjoy one another’s company. Throw in some soft pillows as well. You can also utilize rugs as accents. For instance, place one in the foyer or the entrance of your home. You can also use it as an attachment to your dining space.

Be sure to shop around for the best deal you can find. Keep in mind quality, but know that the bargains are there if you look for them. Love the rug above? I agree that this Mohawk Home Tropical Acres Area Rug is gorgeous! Check it out at Lowe’s.

Spruce Up for Summer!

I wait all year for summer.

The hot sun, the warm winds, the abundance of seasonal fruits, the beach vacations… summer is my favorite time of the year!

Like most of the country, I believe Memorial Day is the un-official start to summer. The kids are done with school, the weather is amazing… why would it Not be the beginning of summer?!

I also love to decorate my home to set a warm, happy mood. Summer is like any other holiday for me. Instead of garlands and lights, I bring out the sunscreen and big, bold beachy bath towels! The best thing about summer decor is that it Never gets old. I can keep it up all year if I like and not be criticized for forgetting to take down my decorations.

Here is a great selection I have found to help you start setting the summer mood in your home!

endless summer


Just like the movie, this Endless Summer pillow case gets me in the mood for warm, beachy weather. This stunning, vintage looking pillow case is designed by Catherine McDonald and sold  by Kess In House. Even better, it is made in the USA!



This mason-style dispenser is just the ticket for a fresh glass of ice cold lemonade! Sold for an amazingly low price by, this jar is sure to be a great addition to any backyard barbecue! Serve your lemonade in mason jars and your party will be rockin! Be sure to check out their other mason jar selections while you are visiting their site!


If your idea of summer includes the idea of sand between your toes, this Adorable sign from Etsy’s JustBeachyShop is the perfect addition to any home! I love the rustic, beach-worn look to this and the mix of capitol and lower case letters adds a fun twist. Way to go! Order this sign and more from JustBeachyShop!

In Search of Curtains

So if you have been following my blog for long, you know that I recently purchased my first home. I will say that home ownership is Awesome! Not having to deal with landlords, maintenance in and out of your apartment, random water shut-offs. More than anything, I am Loving that I finally, finally have space to put things!

But owning a home is a Lot of work. In my old apartment, I literally had two windows. One in the living room and one in the bedroom. In my new house, I don’t even know how many windows I have! I do know that I have yet to cover any but the bedroom with real curtains. Curtains are not only a statement in the room in which requires me to make a decision about my style, but oh my Goodness are they Expensive!! For those of you out there who have yet to purchase your own curtains, let me let you in on a little secret: when you finally come to a decision on a specific style and think the price is really reasonable – it’s Not! Those measurements on the package tell you what size window the curtain CAN fit… if you buy enough panels. Typically the packages only have ONE panel! Look for the second measurement on the package and be prepared to double or even quadruple the price! Am I the only one who never knew that?!

On that note, here are a couple ideas that I am considering for my home.


This Wandering Pleats curtain by Anthropologie is stunning. It has a real feminine touch that will add a really romantic feel to my living room. I like that it is simple enough to go with any decor. I am hoping it comes in gray. I have also seen tutorials that show you how to do-it-yourself, such as this amazing one I found from Besserina. I love everything about Anthropolgie and wish I could afford one of their designers to just come in and over-haul my house!



These red, swirly Palais Grommet curtains from JCPenney are very classy. And very affordable as well! They come in a handful of colors including red, green and brown. For me, the only problem with these is that I am not quite ready to make a style decision including furniture, etc. I feel like these would push me in a direction I can’t quite commit to just yet. But they are staying at the top of my list!

I am now in search of some Do-It-Yourself on the cheap curtain ideas. If you know of any great tutorials I would love to hear of them!

Pottery Barn Look-a-Like Lamps

Thanks to Keli over at, these re-purposed lamps are just perfect! And if you have ever seen Pottery Barn lamps, these look just like them at a fraction of the cost!


If you guys are anything like me, I see lamps at second hand shops All the time and just love the shape…but I can never get over how ugly they are as a whole.  And they are made of the tackiest materials that wear and stain so easily, like brass. I never understood how brass was a thing – maybe I am the only one who just can’t justify owning furniture if it requires cleaning more than one to two times a month?!

I am more than set to try out this Krylon Spray Paint called Looking Glass. When I searched the internet for it, Lots of ideas popped up! It looks like people are using it to re-purpose old vases, glass bowls, candle holders, etc.

If you are interested yourself, it appears to be sold at stores like Walmart and Michaels, from about $10 to $15 for a 6 ounce spray can. Not too shabby when I can pick up a vintage lamp for a couple bucks!

Visit Home-2-Me for more!



Common home décor DIY

Common home décor DIY

Did you know that is possible to create a sweet-smelling wreath all on your own? Handmade wreaths can be great as gifts to your loved ones. Trimmings from the Christmas tree are the primary requirements. Other additions could be various things obtained from nature. The more number of colors and texture, the more beautiful will the wreath look. A base of floral foam can also be used. If you are planning to keep it lively and fresh for a longer time, the best option is to soak it in water once in seven days.

Garland cut-outs are also a great idea. This can be special with tiny tots around. You could ask the kids to cut paper snowflakes into different sizes and shapes as per their choice. Glitter powder could be used for a shiny effect. Then you could simply attach them with a string and now you can easily create cute garlands, wall hangings and different designs of chandeliers.

If you are looking for garland ideas, I came across this adorable handmade set made by lovefromchloe.

heart garland

Check out her etsy site here!


One of the best forms of wishing people is through greeting cards. Your greeting becomes even more special when you make the cards yourself. Christmas cards are quite easy to prepare at home. Family pictures, personal messages and the like will be perfect additions. You could then send them to your dear ones.

Art in the Home

Everyone loves their home to look good. It is a place where they relax and spend time with family. Guests will also frequent your home and hence you need to keep it clean, neat and decorated. Art pieces are excellent choices for adding a special feel to your home décor. Each artist is unique in creating his/her own style of art. Some tell a story and others take inspiration from nature.

There are many artists who create amazing home décor artworks. Some of the names worthy of mention are Patricia Quintero de Pinto, Lisa Audit, Lanie Loreth and Asia Jensen. You should opt for the ones as per your choice.

If you love nature art, then Patricia Quintero de Pinto is a good option. She is a renowned artist, muralist and sculptor. Coming from a family of artists, she excels in depicting islands, birds and various other nature related art. She has been painting for over 20 years and her sheer experience in this field makes her worthy of mention in this list. Another well-known lady artist is Lisa Audit. She loves art and has been instrumental in creating different types into posters. Her artwork is commonly displayed in wallpapers, home décor items and fabrics. Most of her focus is towards floral designs. She is also known for creating a lot of oil-paintings on canvas. She has been painting for about 12 years. She has even formed an art studio at her basement and regularly brings out stunning creations. Lanie Loreth is another name worthy of mention in this list. She too has been painting since a very early age. She is known for abstract art. Lanie has also created a lot of realism art. If you are the one who loves this particular genre, then you could consider buying her artwork. Most often her artwork tells a story. Various mediums are used for her creations. If you are looking for art that is inspired by emotion and color, then you should be researching more about Asia Jensen. Her artwork is famous in many countries including Australia, Germany, Canada, etc. Many people around the globe enjoy her creations. She is one of the most successful artists. Her art pieces aimed at home décor are simply superb.

Choosing the right artwork for your home is a time consuming process. The large number of options makes it even more difficult. You could check online for various kinds of arts. Some people prefer to have a particular style of art in their homes. There are many other artists available; choose them as per your preference, style and budget.


Always remember that these days, art in your home does not have to be something that is just hung on the wall collecting dust. I love the idea of incorporating art into everyday items around the house, like great wall triptych of Venice from Macy’s.


Patio Furniture on the Cheap!

I’ll be the first one to admit that I am cheap.

I just can’t justify paying for things that I know I can make for free…or get for free add make it look brand new!

One thing I am lacking is a really great patio set. I found an absolutely beautiful set at Lowe’s this season, but “WOW” is the only word that would come out of my mouth when I saw the price tag. Make that price TAGS (I am always bummed when I see a price tag on a patio set, then get really excited to find an amazing deal – only to realize the price is for just ONE table or ONE chair!).


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The spring and summer months are a great time to hit up your local thrift stores, garage sales and even Craigslist. Why? Everyone who decides to buy a new patio set needs to get rid of the old one! I find many folks getting rid of table sets because they are all scratched up, they hate the size or color with their new house, the cushions are worn…and a bunch of other reasons. But as they say, one persons trash is another’s treasure, right?!

I am not a fan of the cluttered, country look…to an extent. I like there to be at least a Little Bit of matchy-matchy going on – I guess it makes me feel a little more organized. So, when looking for new furniture pieces at yard sales, etc., I tend to stick with sets of things vs. just one random piece. For a table set, I finally came across one great group of metal patio chairs. The owner had broke one chair, so the set no longer worked for her. I thought this was perfect for me as I wanted an 8 chair set… her 3 chairs have enough match in them for me – now I just need to find another group of chairs and a large table to complete my set!

How am I planning to tie the whole look together? I am looking specifically for vintage style metal pieces. This way, I can sand down the existing paint a bit, and cover with a fresh, bold, modern looking coat of spray paint! I am going with teal.

If you need lessons on how to paint old furniture, check out this great tutorial for the chairs shown above that I found at DIYNetwork. Keep an open mind when looking for something original – wood and wicker also make great patio furniture options! The funkier, the better in my opinion!

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